How We Work

We Connect. We Collaborate. We Cultivate.



Let's connect and personalize your living requirements and considerations. A passionate and knowledgeable LUX Agent will contact you within 15 minutes. The more we know, the better can help you find what you're looking for.


Your private LUX Agent has dedicated their life to educating themselves to know the Dallas market. We will help you explore communities and provide you options for your living desires. We will escort you to hidden gems that work for your budget!


At Lux Locators, we believe that finding your dream home isn't just about the physical space—it's about living your best life. Our goal is to connect you with a home that not only meets your needs but elevates your everyday experience. From vibrant communities to luxurious amenities, we're here to help you find the perfect place to live life to the fullest
It's no secret that the way people live is changing. Communities are evolving and expanding. People want options, convenience, and access. The Free Service offered by LUX Locators is helping people find a new lifestyle. We create a new living experience that connects you to people and communities with similar and different journeys in the Dallas area. We like to call this your new beginning.
It's time to start living your LUX Life!
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How Are We Different?

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