We connect cool people
with even cooler spaces.

Our mission is connection:
Reimagine the way people choose to live, work, and play by providing unique luxury experiences to all at anytime, anywhere.

The way people live is changing. We're all now searching for much more than just an apartment; we want a lifestyle. We want experiences, shopping, entertainment, and to feel connected to the city we live in. After all, isn't that what makes a place feel like home?

LUX Locators is connecting people with the luxury experience of living as a confident Dallas resident that they're searching for. We don't stop until we find the home that connects you to the lifestyle your dreaming of. We call it your new beginning. It's time to start living the LUX Life.

It's time for your new beginning.
It's time for you to start living the LUX Life.

Meet the LUX Team
who makes it all possible.

Ashely Minaya

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Ashton Scott

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Cameron Edwards

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Carly Pruit

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Cherry Christie

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Elizabeth Chavez

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Farai Maposa

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Gee Ferreira

License #768435

Jacob Brown

License #800644

Jana Richards

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Jay Q. Phillips

License #661007

Kristen Wycoff

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Nicki Diaz

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Yulia Klimova

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910 S. Pearl Expy, Dallas TX 75201


(972) 515-9123

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