Frequently Asked Questions

1Is LUX Locators really free?
YES! No tricks- full transparency
2How do LUX Agents get paid?
The apartment you move into pays us out of their marketing budget.
3Why should I use a LUX Locator?
So many reasons but mainly because we can save you a lot time and we know exactly where all the good deals are and who is running specials. This is our life! Plus, all of our agent are very well connected in Dallas. They know where the hot spots are all over the place. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, using a LUX Locator will save you time, money, and hassles.
4I applied for my new apartment, now what?
Tell your LUX Agent where you decided to move. We will ask you to write review about your experience then send you an email to set up your 2 hour free move or Rebate.
5Does LUX Locators work with Sections 8 or Government Vouchers?
No, unfortunately we do not have a database that supports the correct data for these types of apartments.
6Does LUX Locators work with criminal backgrounds?
7Are LUX Locators licensed?
Yes! We are fully licensed Realtors in the state of Texas
8Does LUX Locators only work with apartments?
No. We work with all real estate. We buy, sell, and lease.
9Does LUX Locators buy and sell houses?
YES! All day, every day.
10Can LUX Locators negotiate my rent?
A lot of our competitors advertise they will negotiate rent for you or “get you tell best deal.” Well the honest truth is we all are offered the same incentives and deals as any other locator out there. Don’t fall for the trick. We have access to the same stuff. Its all about customer service and obviously the 2 hour free move ;)
11What if the property does NOT work with Locators?
Unfortunately, this could happen. We would not be able to offer any incentives towards your move or rebate.
12Do rental rates change everyday?
YES! The Dallas market is booming. We have about 400 people a day moving here. So rental rates are like airlines tickets. Once one unit gets lease the other units rates get increased.
13What do I need to bring when looking at apartments?
Make sure to bring your Drivers License or some type of identification. Also I would bring your debit card if you’re ready to make a move quick.
14I’m filling out my application, but LUX Locators is not on the drop down for referrals…What do I do?
No worries, just add Realtor or Other. At that point we will ask you to write an email to the property stating that you used LUX Locators as your referral source.
15How soon should I start looking for an apartment?
Mostly all of the properties in Dallas are on a 60 day notice. If you are looking for a private townhome or house they are normally on a 30 day notice.

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